The Sitemap Error Report window, accessed by going to Tools Menu > Error Report, lists any response codes Sitemapper encountered while scanning your website. You can also open this window with the Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut.

While Sitemapper is spidering your website, if any errors are detected, this dialog will appear automatically for you alerting you to the error. The spidering process will continue in the background but these links will be ignored.  To have them included with your sitemap, correct the link errors on your website and run the scan again.

This information comes in handy because Sitemapper uses a similar spider to the one used by Google, Bing, and Yandex. This means that any response codes Sitemapper finds will also be found by the major search engines. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to correct these issues as soon as possible.
  • URL: The URL that returned the response code.
  • Referring URL: The URL containing a link to the URL that returned the response code.
  • Status Code: The response code (e.g. 404).
  • Description: A description of the response code.