To start converting images, you must choose first Add Files or Add Folders.

If you have multiple images on your computer but they are in different locations, choose Add Files and then start selecting the images you want to add.

If you have a folder of images on your computer that contains all the images you want to convert, choose Add Folders. You can add multiple folders.

When adding folders, you can check "Add Images from subfolders also (recurse)," and it will add images from every subfolder within the folder you chose.

So if you have a folder called C:My Pictures that contains two subfolders called "New Pictures" and "Old Pictures," it would select all the images from within both folders.

When you select a folder, it will add to your list all the acceptable image files (BMP, JPG, GIF, PCX, PNG, TIF) contained in that folder or subfolders. For instance, if in C:My Pictures you had pictures called picture.bmp and picture.jpg, it would add both to your list of selected images.

You can remove a picture from your current list by left-clicking on it and choosing Remove. This does not delete the file from your computer, just from the list.

Select Image Rotation

You can rotate the image to your liking with the green arrows in this area. After you have rotated it to your desired angle, click Save for the changes to be saved.