S-Drive knows exactly what to do when you attach a file to a Stream post. In fact, its audio and video players are snazzy devices that work automatically. That means:


Each time you attach a supported media file to a Stream post, S-Drive will determine what type of file it is and display it appropriately. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Images: They appear with a border specified by the theme.

  • Audio: A neat audio player will pop up, which looks like this:

  • Video: Your very own video player will appear, which looks like this:

  • All other supported documents: They’ll show up as this shiny new icon:

Just so you know, here’s a list of currently support audio/video formats:

  • MP3
  • M4A
  • M4V
  • OGA
  • OGV
  • WAV
  • WEBM

Enjoy using your media players!