It’s Almost Time To Unleash The Web’s Most Anticipated App...

It’s the one app for visually developing bullet-proof, production ready, layout designs that adapt to any screen size or device. It’s the one app that features fluid grid systems and custom breakpoints and draggable elements. It’s the one app that is a true game changer. It’s (almost) time for:

Responsive Layout Maker

Take the pain out of the responsive design process.

Content driven layouts that smoothly transition to fit any screen or device— cool beans!

The select, deeply committed few (someone even offered to wrestle a bear — true story!) who were a part of the pre-release, are totally lovin’ the responsive powers and control this innovative app offers.


Happy Customer:

“One of a kind, ground breaking software application. I give this app a 10 out of 10 score!”

— Steve Kolish

Since this app is quite a revolution, we do have some ground to cover here. The good ol’ TOC below gives an overview of all the excitingness and helps you jump right to the relevant section. Tip: skip section 1 if you already know that being responsive is not an option...

Websites Need To Adapt, Or Die...

Entering 2014 over 30% of the traffic to North American websites comes from mobile devices. All around the world this number is growing on a daily basis, drastically changing browsing behavior and the way websites are consumed. The consequence? People will quickly leave and are unlikely to return if the site is not easy to use from their mobile device. The solution? A responsive design. With all these different device sizes, a design that adapts or ‘responds’ to the available display space is the only way to assure a consistent experience across all of them.

In short, responsive design is all about making your content usable and good looking at every possible display width, from television screens to small smart phones and every pixel in between. No website can escape this requirement, they will need to...adapt or... »

Layout Maker Takes The Pain Out Of Responsive Design.

An adaptable layout is the core, and most challenging aspect, of any responsive website. Designing responsive layouts by hand-coding is time consuming, complex, and adds constraints to the creative and content creation processes. Responsive Layout Maker (RLM) is unique in its capability to address each of these issues.

The visual drag-n-drop workflow allows for interactive, content-driven, prototyping and maximum creativity. Layout adjustments for smaller (or larger) screens are easy to add and maintain thanks to the breakpoint, and width sliders. The end result is a bullet-proof, production ready site layout, that adapts to any screen size or device. Simply export for the final touches — insert additional content and style elements — voila! Your responsive site is ready. Read more about the only app that makes custom responsive designs »

Browser-Based Prototyping: An Expert’s Dream Come True.

Browser-based prototyping has been recommended by industry experts years before the responsive revolution started. It makes designs interactive and offers a realistic web experience — a big improvement over that big ol’ static image of a website.

Create meaningful, responsive, prototypes for a multi-device world.
Strong mobile web traffic growth.

With the upswing of responsive web design, the interest in browser-based prototyping has skyrocketed. The reason is simple — trying to resemble the entire range of display sizes, from ginormous to minuscule, with a stack of static images proved to be a lot of work. In addition, any change request would result in a nightmare. And since a website is not static, this method would frequently also fail to capture the essence of the fluid, interactive, web experience.

We’ve seen browser-based wireframing tools popping up. None of which features the combination of essential components for making a truly responsive design, like:

  • Fluid, Configurable, Grid Systems (for making the layout squishy, yet ordered and organized.)
  • Custom Breakpoints (add responsive actions where your design, or content needs them.)
  • Built-in Viewport Slider (experience what your content looks like at ANY screen size.)
  • Drag-n-Drop Content Blocks (place paragraphs, tables, images, buttons, headings, and more.)
  • Configurable Element Styles (control everything layout related at ANY display width.)
  • Clean CSS, Semantic HTML (specify your own classes & IDs, use semantic tags, and more.)

We have worked on a boat load of responsive projects, coding and testing everything by hand — that’s how we knew exactly what Responsive Layout Maker needed...

The Making Of The World’s 1st Truly Responsive App.

Yep, we responsified our own site, and there were no tools on the market to sweeten our design process. The only help we got was from our editors, hands and brains. Making mockups and wireframes for all possible device widths proved (close to) impossible.

The team had a flashback to our early days when the world needed a good HTML editing tool. We solved that problem with the birth of our HTML Editor. We decided to let history repeat itself and set out to work on the world’s 1st truly responsive app. You can read more about our responsive journey and considerations here »

Get The Word Out And Win A Free License Before The Public Release.

A ground breaking app like this is not put out in the open lightly. A small group of smart people, who cleverly signed up to be ‘kept-in-the-know’, were invited to buy RLM before anyone else. (Indeed, buy because we wanted to have more commitment then we would get from a free beta program. Only one person scored a copy for free. This was done by wrestling a bear* — we felt that showed some serious dedication!)

Their feedback in a nutshell?


People are thrilled:

“I’ve been working with the RLM for a week now, and it’s GOLD!”

— John Henriksen

To pump everybody up for the big public release, we’re throwing a Social-Shout-Out Party. The loudest and most creative of you can win a free copy of the ground-breaking Responsive Layout Maker Pro and Cool CoffeeCup Swag, so:

Let’s Get LOUD

There’s so much to talk about related to this unique app. You’re invited to come over to watch the video and view the highlights to get acquainted with the app. (Pssst...the release date is listed too.) If you like what you see, then share your excitement, and you can win a free copy of RLM, and other groovy prizes. We’ll be monitoring the social media outlets below, and the loudest and most creative shout-outs will be rewarded. Click below to dazzle us with your shouts and sharing, using #RLM:

Is the video driving you mad with desire? Don’t be shy, do tell... Did you forward this email to your entire address book? Awesome — let us hear it. Diggin’ custom breakpoints? Do share{$name `prefix`:`, `}. Embarking on your first responsive journey and need RLM to show you the way? Shout it out!

You’ve made it to the end of the longest CoffeeCup email ever. Do share if it was worth it. :)

*the bear won btw...


Winner’s Circle:

WOW it’s great to see so many people wanting to responsify the web with Layout Maker! We have the first batch of winners to announce. If you’re not on the list, don’t despair, we’ll continue to choose more winners throughout the day and weekend. Simply keep talking about RLM wherever you go, and a prize might come your way!

Congrats to:

  • Bob Thulfram: Free RLM
  • DannyL: Free RLM
  • Chris Moore (Helpitcrashed): Free RLM
  • James Kapherr: Cool Swag
  • Altaf Dawoodani: Cool Swag
  • Jil H. Lesko: Cool Swag
  • Jeff Doubleday: Cool Swag

Winners please send an email to to claim your prize.

Psst..don’t forget to use the hashtags #RWD and/or #RLM so we can see your posts.