Screenshot of the status in our development management system.
RED status

RED is almost done brewing

We had a really cool breakthrough in email design this week! It maybe that we’ve been knee-deep in email design for too long...but we got really excited when we discovered a technique to switch between fixed and fluid layouts within the same design. Plus the possiblity to use elements that flow outside of the content area. And support for an even broader range of (less frequently used) email clients like AOL, LiveMail, IncrediMail and a few more.

Yea, we understand, you might need to hold RED in your hands to feel what we feel. So, what about next week? Exclusively for pre-release customers? Read on for more...

Pre-release (re)opened

We knocked out a few other things (see below) but the above development means RED temporarily dropped from 98% to 97% completed. We need just a wee bit more time to get it working superbly. The road ahead looks to be smooth sailing though. We expect to finish over the weekend, and have RED (exclusively) available for all pre-release customers next week.

With this small delay, we are extending the early-bird savings through this weekend. Yay!

If you haven’t yet, you can still get in and reserve your copy of Responsive Email Designer below at the insane pre-release price. Haven’t watched the video yet? Then swing over here >>

More stuff that happened


Social element control & design

We know how important staying connected through all social media outlets is. This week we completed the social element integration. Look forward to easily configure, style and link recipients to your various accounts.

RED for Business or Personal?

Email clients use different rules for displaying an HTML email. RED is built on a rock solid foundation assuring that emails display consistently across devices. On top of that RED for Business uses the design principal “progressive enhancement” to improve the design for supporting browsers.

Get the full scoop between the two versions over here >>


Custom breakpoints in email design

Yup, the same handy slider and breakpoint manager from RLMP, also plays an important role in developing flexible emails. Breakpoints are awesome, they allow you to adjust the layout and design for mobile readers with email apps that support these Media Queries.

Reserve RED & Save

As you are a Responsive Layout Maker aficionado we’re bringing you a fantastic early-bird offer on this cool email and newsletter designer. And if the high discount off RED isn't awesome enough for you, we’ve got something extra special for you. Your order will also include 15 custom made themes absolutly free to help spark your email making creativity.

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* RED Personal is for individuals and (very) small businesses.

** RED for Business is for companies and the skillful.

RED for Business and Personal?

Having access to both versions can come in handy in many occasions. Could be you want to make some speedy edits, or have an employee who wants to to work with just the basics.

Get Both for $120

Psst…have you ordered for Personal and want to change to the Business after reading the comparison instead? Send an email to Suzanne for assistance upgrading your order while the pre-release discount is still active.