We just released a sweet update for RED V1.1

Yup, we fixed a bunch of silly typos, and made improvements to several dialogs and workflows. The Email Code Generator (ECG) got the biggest update. Yahoo Mail just announced that both their web and mobile email clients now understand media queries.

Following the good news we immediately sat down and updated RED, tested the new code, and marvelled at the results. The design and layout tweaks you make at breakpoints — the famous little dots in RED — now also work in Yahoo Mail. We’ll say Yahoo to that!!

We’re also polishing up V1.2 which will include Form Builder integration. You’ll be able to automagically send beautiful — RED crafted — responsive invoices, purchase orders, confirmation messages and more to anyone that fills out a form. How awesome is that?

Are you one of the very few that does not own Web Form Builder? Let’s fix that right away with a 25% discount coupon. Simply use V12 at checkout to get 25% off Form Builder (or anything else from our store), and be prepared for the upcoming (free) update.

Till then, grab your copy of RED V1.1 from your account and have fun.

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