This article explains the different parts of the Visual Site Designer workspace.

The Menu Bar and Toolbar

At the top of the Visual Site Designer interface is the Menu bar, which allows you to access to all the program tools and commands. Just below it is the Toolbar, which allows you to quickly and efficiently access commonly used program tools.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox is located on the left-hand side of the Visual Site Designer workspace and contains commonly used tools, such as the Text, Picture, Insert HTML, and Add Flash tools, among others. You can move the Toolbox by clicking the top and dragging it with your mouse.

Properties windows

The Properties windows are a central part of Visual Site Designer, since they allow you to edit the settings and properties for the active object. There are seven different Properties windows: Page, Object, Link, Fill, Effects, Style, and Mouseover.

The Statusbar

At the bottom of the Visual Site Designer workspace is the Statusbar. It is divided into three areas that show the placement of the currently selected object, the number of pages in the Website, and the time it takes to publish it to the server.