RED needs your help to win the gold!

Nominations for the annual net awards are about to close. We know Responsive Email Designer has got what it takes to bring home first place in any of the categories listed below. It has the goods to be App of the Year, but we’ll let you decide.

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As you already know Responsive Email Designer is the coolest app on the web. That’s because RED frees you from templates or image-dominate layouts. Allowing your creativity to flourish while you create custom (and responsive) emails and newsletters.

RED is so powerful that it can even recreate parts of websites. Like the example below, that was replicated from the Net Awards nominations page using RED’s tools.

Here are four key points on what makes RED fit the categories above:

✓ RED email display consistently across all devices and email clients including Outlook. This is major since over 50% (and rising) of all emails are first opened from a mobile device.

✓ It’s the only email design app that follows the principals of progressive enhancement, improving recipient experience where and when possible.

✓ It’s the only email design app featuring a width slider and custom breakpoints, allowing for optimizing the design for mobile readers.

✓ RED has unique layout elements such as unconstrained rows and columns, fluid layouts and custom widths.

✓ RED provides the ability to distribute rich content without relying on images (many email clients do not display graphics automatically upon open).

✓ Offers special treatment for quirky mobile email clients such as column stacking without media queries for the Gmail app. And makes Windows 8 phones listen to media queries.

And that's just a small taste of what makes RED so awesome. With your vote we can make RED even better. Use any of the above for inspiration or add your own favorite reasoning. It only takes a minute to submit your nomination, and we’ll be truly grateful.

Thanks for your support :)