There are many different settings that can be altered in LockBox, to see all of them click Tools > Preferences.


Under the program Preferences, you will find settings that allow you to edit many different aspects of the program. From hiding your account usernames, passwords, and notes, to the automatic clearing of clipboard text. Under the General tab, you may also change the View mode by selecting either List or Grid.


Hiding Usernames, Passwords or Notes

When you are using the list view and under Preferences have selected to hide your username, password or notes, you no longer need to turn this setting off to see them again! Now, simply use the eye icon located next to each option to hide/unhide them. Niffty, we know. :P

Program Preferences General tab

Table Display

Under the Table Display tab, you will find settings that allow you to edit the items you want to show on column headers when Grid mode is selected.

Program Preferences Table Display tab

You also have the option to manage the backups of your .clb database. Under this tab you can open the backup folder to delete, edit or move exsisting backups. Along with the ability to backup your database with the Backup Now button.

Program Preferences Backup tab