Going from VSD to RSD? We’ve got your back too!

Ever since we released Responsive Site Designer, many VSDers took the jump and made their sites mobile-friendly. With our new detailed step-by-step tutorial it’s even easier for you to make the transition.

Get Started With RSD

Why make the switch?

The reason is simple, sites built with Visual Site Designer do not adjust to small screens. Instead, the browser shrinks them down to fit the display, making them too small to read, click or navigate. It goes without saying that visitors and search engines have a huge preference for responsive sites.

Can existing VSD sites be replicated with RSD?

Absolutely! Our article Practical responsive design shows you exactly that. We have layed out all the steps you need to recreate the design below and turn you into a pro.

Made with RSD

First we’ll teach you how to create a static design. It’s as simple as dropping elements, like images and text, onto a spreadsheet.

“I absolutely LOVE the new responsive site designer, even for the computer code challenged it works.”

— Heather Carter

Then we’ll show you how to manage spacing and add other design aspects such as color & typography controls, backgrounds (image, gradient…) and more. Lastly, you’ll see how the exact same tools can be used together with the Width Slider to make the design look great on all screens — from desktop to mobile and every pixel in-between.

Have no hesitations — our team here @CoffeeCup along with the passionate advisors in our forums, are dedicated to helping you at every step of the way. Let’s go!