With the latest version of Website Access Manager, you can now directly connect your registration from with the software to create your own online registration form.

Step 1:

First we need to create our form. For this example, we are going to use the Register Template. To access this template, go to File > New From Template > Register.

Figure 1: New From Template

Step 2:

Now that you created your form, we need to configure the settings to allow Access Manager to communicate with your form. You can do this one of two ways. Setup Mailchimp to collect your data or by saving to a CSV file. For this example we are going to use a CSV. Go to Settings > Saving Data Tab > check the "Save to a text file" option and enter the name of the file in the file name section. This will tell the form that you want to log all information entered in the form into a CSV file that Access Manager can import.

Figure 2: Saving Data Tab

Protecting your file!

Just like a strong password, we recommend you do the same for the file name. Use numbers, letters and mixed case for your file name (e.g. 83c-s-v-ReGiStEr-Form.csv).

Step 3:

Now that everything is ready we can export and upload your form.

Step 4:

Depending on where your form is hosted, accessing the CSV file is slightly different. If you are using S-Drive to host your form, you will need to download your CSV file from your from the S-Drive Dashboard.

If your form is hosted on your own server, skip to Step 5.

Click the "Gear Icon" on the form you wish to import and choose "See Results".

Figure 3: Gear Dropdown

Now select the submissions you would like to download and select "Download all" > then click "Go".

Figure 4: Download All

Step 5:

Now that you form setup is complete, you are ready to import your user accounts into Access Manager.