The Buttonize tool gives you an easy, intuitive way to create polished buttons that you can use as icons or links. Here’s how:

Note: Creating a mouseover essentially creates two different objects: the original and the mouseover. The original is what appears on the page until the user mouses over it; that’s when — you guessed it — the mouseover appears.


  1. Create a shape you would like to use as the button. To do this, click the Shapes button in the left toolbar, click the shape you would like to use, and then click and drag on the page to create it.
  2. Make sure the shape is selected, and then click the Buttonize button. This opens the Buttonize Properties window.
  3. Enter the text you would like to appear on the button in the Button Text field. To change the appearance of this text, use the tools located under the Text Style heading.
  4. If you would like to change the pattern filling the button, click the Change Style button. This opens the Button Effects window, which contains 30 preset styles for you to choose from. (You can also use the Fill or Styles tools to adjust the style of the button.)
  5. If you would like the button to be a link, click the Create a Link button. This opens the Link Properties window. For more information about creating a link, read this article: How to Create a Link.
  6. If you would like to apply a mouseover effect to the button, select the Create Mouseover checkbox. Select the Mouseover object radio button and then enter the text and/or select the style you would like on the mouseover object.
  7. If you would like to save the button design you have created for use on other buttons, click Save Button. This opens a window that allows you to enter a name for your design. Now if you want to apply this design to a button, just select it from the Saved Button Designs drop-down list, and then click Apply Button Design.

You can use the same process to create an entire navigation menu. Just create a series of shapes, link them to the appropriate pages, and apply the same button design to each of them.