Sitemapper builds the tree of all your pages in the order that it finds them during the spidering process. If you find that you would like to re-order these links into a different order, we need to enable Manual Subitem Sorting. This feature can be enabled on a single folder, multiple folders or all folders in your sitemap.

Step 1:

Select the folder in which you want to re-order the pages in. Now right-click and you will see that Default Subitem Sorting is checked.  Select Manual Subitem Sorting. When you do that, the folder that you selected, all folders and pages under it will turn blue. For this example, we are going to re-order the pages in the folder called books.

With Default Subitem Sorting on:

With Manual Subsorting On:

Step 2:

Next, select the page that you want to move up or down.  Press ALT+UP to move it up the tree or ALT+DOWN to move it down the tree.  These options are also available if you right-click on any page or folder.  Here we will move the Web Form Design Guide above the .htaccess Handbook. As you press the keyboard shortcut, you will see that page move up the tree.  

Step 3:

If you enable Manual Subitem Sorting by selecting the first folder in the tree, it will apply to all folders and pages directly under it. For example, the folders named books & store as well as the pages Contact Us & Subscribe to our Newsletter will turn blue. It will not apply to any pages that are then located within those folders (books & store). To enable Manual Subitem Sorting with those folders, select each individual folder and enable Manual Sub Item Sorting

Step 4:

Save and export your sitemap to apply the changes.