This tutorial explains how to create a mouseover using two different circular images and text.

  1. Click the Shapes tool in the left toolbar and select the circle. Use your mouse to draw a circle on the workspace.
  2. Click the Mouseover button in the top toolbar. This opens the Mouseover window. Click Create.
  3. Select the Original object radio button. This allows you to modify the object that appears by default, when a mouse is not hovering over it.
  4. Uncheck Use same text for mouseover and original.
  5. Click the Fill button in the top toolbar. This opens the Fill Properties window.
  6. Select Picture and choose the picture you would like to use as the fill.
  7. Click the Object button in the top toolbar. This opens the Object Properties window.
  8. In the Button Text field, enter the text you would like to use on the original object.
  9. Click the Mouseover button, and then select the Mouseover object radio button. If you want to add an offset, which makes the mouseover object appear offset from the original, you can add it in the Offset Mouseover fields.
  10. Repeat steps 5-8, making sure to give the mouseover object a different fill and text than the original.
  11. Click the Mouseover button. You can now switch between the original and mouseover object using the provided radio buttons to preview your work. You can also preview your mouseover in a browser by clicking the Preview button in the top toolbar.