Note: We've updated Web Calendar, and now it's better than ever (and easier than ever to perform tasks like the one in the article)! Since you already own it, you're entitled to a free upgrade. Download it here today!

Let's say you want to add a list of family birthdays or unique holidays to your calendar, but you don't want to create each event separately. Or what if you want to reorganize the list of holidays provided in the program? No sweat! Just make sure Web Calendar is closed, and then just follow these steps:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\CoffeeCup Software\CoffeeCup Web Calender and open the holidays.xml file. (You can open it using Notepad or a similar text editor.)
  2. Following the format in the file, create a new holidaycatagory (yeah, we see the misspelling too, but that's the way you have to spell it — our sincerest apologies to all the word nerds out there) and give it whatever name you want (like, say, familybirthdays).
    Note: You cannot use the & or ' characters in holiday names.
  3. Add a new holidaydate for each event following this format:
    • name - name of the event
    • date - date of the event (mm/dd)
    • recurringyearly - T/F
    • recurringmonthly - T/F
    • recurringweekly - T/F.
  4. Save the holidays.xml file

Next time you open Web Calendar, the list of Auto-Holidays will include all the custom holidays you added.