Without layers, you would only be able to display one image at one spot in the movie. However, using layers, you can have images that overlap, or pass in front of each other. There are three features in Firestarter that make working with layers easier.

Moving Objects to Another Layer

By default, a new object is placed in the front layer, that is, the object is placed on top of all other objects currently in the movie. If you want to change an object's layer, right click either on the object, or on the object's name in the cutting room. Then you can select to move the object forward or back one layer at a time, or you can select to move the object to the very back, or the very front.

Object Visibility

When two objects are sitting on top of one another, only the object in front can be seen within Firestarter. This can make working with objects in back a pain, so you'll want to make the object in front invisible, allowing you to see the object in back.

In the cutting room, there is a symbol of an eye displaying the object's visibility status. If the eye is visible, then the object will be visible. When you click on the eye, the eye will disappear, along with the object. To make the object visible again, click the space where the eye appears. Note that invisible objects are only invisible in the Firestarter program. Once you play your movie, the objects will become visible again.

Blank Spaces

If you have several objects that sit atop one another, and you want the objects in front to disappear during your movie to reveal an object in back. To accomplish this, you will need to use blank spaces to cover the front objects. In this example, we will use two pieces of text, but you can apply this example to any number of texts or images.

1) Insert your objects. Here we have inserted two pieces of text reading "Welcome To" and "My Website."

2) Insert a blank on your first object. Since we only want "Welcome To" displayed first, we should insert a blank on the "My Website" text. To do this, click on the button in the cutting room. This will insert a blank space ten frames long. This blank frame can be moved and re-sized just like you would move & resize effects.

3) Now insert a second blank space on the second object. Of course you will want to re-position the blank space so that the two spaces do not overlap.

Now when your movie plays, "Wecome to" will be displayed as "My Website" is blanked out for 10 frames, then "My Website" will be displayed for 10 frames as "Wecome to" is blanked out.