Website Access Manager allows or denies access on a folder-by-folder and file-by-file basis, but Visual Site Designer creates only one folder (called files) that contains all your website files. This folder is uploaded as a subfolder of your server root. If your Website only has two folders, that means there are only two folders to protect — and that's a problem, since those two folders contain your entire website. Luckily, there are a couple of workarounds available.

Option 1

One option is to create and save an entirely new Visual Site Designer project that contains all the content you want to password protect, and then store it in a separate folder on your server. Alternately, if you've already designed the password-protected content on your website, you can simply copy and paste your page elements to a new website.

Once you're done creating or transferring your password-protected content to a new website, the next step is to tweak your FTP settings in Visual Site Designer. Because you’ll be uploading this website to a different folder, you’ll have to change the WWW folder. To access your FTP settings, go to Settings > FTP Settings. (Note: If you're using S-Drive, you won't be able to set up password protection using Website Access Manager. Not to worry, though — we're working on integrating S-Drive into Website Access Manager!)

Next, append whatever has been entered in the WWW Folder field with /foldername, with foldername being the name of the folder you wish to protect (e.g. members, private, etc.). This will create a folder on your server where your password-protected files will be stored. For instance, if you upload your regular website files to public_html, you should upload your password-protected files to public_html/private.

After you’ve finished entering this information, click OK and upload your files. You can now open Website Access Manager and apply password protection to this portion of your website.

Option 2

There’s another option available for those who wish to apply password protection to folders or files in their website. To do this, go to Settings > Add Files in Visual Site Designer. You can then create a folder on your server and transfer files from your computer to that folder. For instance, you could create a folder called music and then transfer MP3s from your computer to that folder.

After you’ve uploaded these changes to your server, you can then password-protect this folder using Website Access Manager.