This tutorial will explain the changes you will need to make to the files created by Photo Gallery in order to use them on your eBay auction. You will need either an HTML editor (like, say the HTML Editor or the Free Editor) or Notepad in order to edit these files. You will also need a host to upload these files to, since eBay does not provide space where you can upload files.

  1. Create your album in Photo Gallery and save it to your computer.

  2. Go to the folder where you saved your Photo Gallery files and find the XML file for your gallery. Open it using an HTML editor or Notepad.

  3. Fair warning: This step does require a bit of knowledge about where these files will be located once you upload them to your host. Once you have that information, you will be able to change the code in the XML file to reflect the location of the files. Currently the code has a relative link to the files in the images folder, but we will be changing that to an absolute URL.

    Scroll down your XML file until you see <thumbnailer. There will be a <thumbnailer section for each album you create in Photo Gallery. Depending on how many images you have in each album, there will be multiple images in each <thumbnailer section. They will appear like this: image1="images/imagename_s.jpg" bigimage1="images/imagename.jpg", with a set for each image you added to the album.

    You will then change image1="images/imagename_s.jpg" bigimage1="images/imagename.jpg" to image1="" bigimage1="". You'll notice that you're providing the full URL of each image file rather than a shortened version. You will need to change this for each image, or they will not appear in your photo gallery.

    You will also need to change the paths for the files under <catagories. Look for cat1image="images/imagename.jpg and change it to cat1image=" There will be one for each album you have set up in the Photo Gallery. Once they all have been changed, save your XML file.

  4. Open the HTML file in your HTML editor. There are two places where you'll need to change the code in this file: <param name="movie" value="gallery.swf"/> and <embed src="gallery.swf". Like the images in Step 3, these will need to be changed to the show the full URL. <param name="movie" value=""/> and <embed src="". Save your changes.

  5. Upload the SWF and XML files to your server, making sure they are located at the same location you specified in the XML and HTML files.

  6. Copy the HTML code, from <object to </object>, out of the HTML file and paste it into the description area of your auction. When your auction is listed, the photo gallery will appear in the description area.


If you make any changes to your photo gallery, you will have to repeat this entire process.