We’ve got good news for you: By using this software, you’re helping to make your website—and by extension, the web—a better place. How’s that? Well, sitemaps are an essential usability and SEO tool; that is, they make it easier for people to find and use your website. So basically, you’re making things easier for everyone. Good call!



To get started, just enter your Website URL in the provided field, click the Start Scan button, and then sit back and watch Sitemapper get to work. The crawler scans your website and plops all your links into the main workspace. You can check the progress in the Status bar and pause or resume the scan at any time by clicking the Pause Scan and Resume Scan buttons. When the sitemapping process is complete, you can use the menu bar, toolbar, or right-click menu to edit your links. Once you’re done formatting your sitemap, you can export it to your server and then submit it to the major search engines using the Submit button.

Sitemapper contains all the tools you need to create, publish, and maintain a stellar sitemap. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of the program.

File Menu

The File menu contains functions you can use to work with basic aspects of the program, including creating, opening, and saving sitemaps, as well as exiting the program.

  • New... (Ctrl+N): Allows you to create a new sitemap from scratch.
  • Open... (Ctrl+O): Allows you to open and work with a previously created sitemap.
  • Import Theme Package...: Allows you to add your themes purchased from our shop.
  • Save (Ctrl+S): Saves the sitemap you are currently working on. We recommend saving frequently to prevent loss in case something happens to your computer while you are working.

Whatever name you choose for your file will apply to your Sitemapper file (.csm) and the HTML sitemap you’ll upload to your server. Although you can name your sitemap anything you want, it’s best to name it sitemap. Additionally, the XML sitemap, which is submitted to search engines, will automatically be named sitemap.xml.

  • Save As... (Shift+Ctrl+S): Enables you to save your shop under a different name or in a different location.
  • Recent Files: Displays a list of the 20 sitemaps you have worked with most recently.
  • Exit: Closes the program.

Edit Menu

The Edit menu contains tools you can use to modify the items in your sitemap.

  • Update Sitemap: If you’ve added new content to your sitemap, you can choose this option instead of performing an entirely new scan.
  • Restart Scan: This will perform an entirely new scan.
  • Add to Ignore List (Ctrl+L): Adds the selected file or folder to the Ignore List, which keeps Sitemapper from including it in the sitemap the next time it scans your site. To modify the Ignore List, use the “Settings” window.
  • Remove Item and Subitems From Sitemap (Del): Removes the selected file or folder from the sitemap. This does not ignore the item, so it will be included in the sitemap the next time you scan your site.
  • Edit Title Text (Ctrl+L): Allows you to edit the title text for the selected file or folder. This text is used as the link text for the item in the sitemap.

Any changes you make to your link text will only take effect in Sitemapper. Your page title will remain the same in your webpage code.

  • Default Subitem Sorting: Pages are listed in the order in which they are spidered.
  • Manual Subitem Sorting: When enabled, you can manually re-order your pages. See Rearranging your pages for more details.
  • Move Up: When manual Subitem Sorting is enabled, use this to move pages up
  • Move Down: When manual Subitem Sorting is enabled, use this to move pages down
  • Properties... (Ctrl+P): Opens the “Page Properties” window, which allows you to make in-depth edits to the selected file/folder.

Tools Menu

The Tools menu contains tools you can use to work with your sitemap.

  • Scheduler... (Ctrl+D): Opens the “Scheduler”, which allows you to set an uploading schedule for your sitemap.
  • Submit: Expands to display a list of the three most popular search engines: Google, Bing, and Yandex. Selecting a search engine opens its submission site in your default browser. Read “Submitting sitemap to Search engines.” for more information on how to submit your sitemap.
  • Export (Ctrl+R): Walks you through the steps of creating your sitemap.
  • Preview... (Ctrl+I): Opens your sitemap in your default browser. This gives you a chance to see how it looks before you publish it.
  • Error Report... (Ctrl+G): Opens the “Error Report” window, which lists any errors Sitemapper encountered while scanning your website.

Settings Menu

The Tools menu contains tools you can use to work with your sitemap settings.

  • Options... (Ctrl+T): Opens the “Settings” tab, which allows you to specify which file types to include in your scan, which files and folders to omit, and the default change frequency and priority of the URLs in your map.
  • Designer... (Ctrl+M): Allows you to adjust many different design settings within any Sitemapper theme with an easy to use interface.
  • Scan Options... (Ctrl+T): Allows you to specify which file types to include in your scan, which files and folders to omit, and the default change frequency and priority of the URLs in your map.
  • FTP Settings:... (Ctrl+K): Allows you to select the server where you would like to upload your sitemap and gives you the option to add new server or edit an existing one.
  • Advanced Settings... (Ctrl+Y): Gives you a little more control over the way Sitemapper uses system resources. If you find your system is running slow, you can adjust these settings.

Help Menu

The Help menu gives you access to all the available help options, including the PDF Help file, daily tips, and information about Sitemapper and CoffeeCup Software.

  • Help… (F1): Opens this PDF Help file.
  • Help Online…: Opens http://www.coffeecup.com/sitemapper/help/ in your default browser.
  • Support…: Opens https://www.coffeecup.com/help/myroom/ in your default browser.
  • Tip of the Day: Opens the Tip of the Day window so you can scroll through the available tips.
  • Buy Now… (Trial Version Only): Opens https://www.coffeecup.com/store/ in your default browser.
  • About…: Opens a window containing information about Sitemapper and CoffeeCup Software.