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Hey there amigo!

As promised, we’re bringing you a fresh version of Form Builder. The one improvement that stands out is the ability to easily create and send custom emails. Automatically generated, and sent, to the person submitting the form, with special notification emails for internal use.

We’ve added 10+ lovely designs for receipts, submit confirmations and alerts that are easy to customize with Email Designer (aka RED). The cool thing is that RED also knows about your form variables, so adding data from one of the form fields only takes a single click. You can also make tweaks to the code yourself, for which we recommend using one of our Editors. You can read more about changing the confirm and notification messages here »

Form Builder confirm message
Don’t have Email Designer in your toolkit?

Wow, you’re really missing out! It’s an immensely valuable app that solves a big problem. HTML emails are really hard to code, and visual tools for making custom email designs, from newsletters to invoices, are virtually non-existent.

Together Form Builder and RED will greatly improve the experience of your form users. With a personalized touch and design, you’ll be sure to impress. Add RED Personal to your collection today:

Buy RED Personal for $44

Are you a Business or a Pro? In that case, you probably prefer RED for Business. Check out the comparison table here »

More about Web Form Builder V2.5

We also worked on 15+ other items that were frequently mentioned by you guys. Items vary from support for new TLDs, MySQL improvements in combination with payments, and better control over heading spacing. Scott compiled all details in a form post in case you’re interested. To get the new version just swing by your downloads center and grab this complimentary update.