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That’s right, we’re wrapping up May with a sweet sale! Browse our collection of apps, graphics and themes then take a gigantic 30% off using the discount code CAFE30 at checkout. This offer expires Monday morning so don’t delay...

Can’t decide which tools are best for you? Customers have been sending us much love on many of our fresh apps. You too will love these fan favorites:

HTML Editor V15 »

Code like a pro. Now includes a time-saving Components Library.

“ A huge asset for anybody designing websites. ”

— Eric Rohloff

Using the same elements over and over agin? The Component Library will be your life saver. Just save elements, like navigation menus or footers, to your components library. Then, add the components to any page. When it’s time to edit, change the code in the library and the modification will apply anywhere you placed that component.

Editor V15

Responsive Email Designer »

Custom crafted emails and newsletters that display nicely everywhere.

“ I love RED. It is very easy to create responsive emails. ”

— Max Henzi

If you create newsletters for clients, manage marketing for your business or send sales notices, you need Responsive Email Designer. It’s the only app specially designed for making mobile-friendly emails. The best part? You don’t need to be a code or email expert!

Wanna learn something new this weekend? We’ll teach you the basics of RED in 6 steps »

Website Insight V3 »

Generate and customize comprehensive SEO reports.

“ Excellent app - one I use almost religiously and daily. ”

— Raymond den Otter

A big app, especially for SEO stakeholders. This app collects data on 70+ factors that influence a site’s usability and search rank. Use the data to improve any site.

Website Insight V3

RLM owners are BIG on the Responsive Site Designer pre-release

“ Work of genius! A true revolution in website design. ”

— Matteo Lovatti

Coming this summer you can drag-n-drop your way to beautiful responsive sites. And this app can produce amazing results and pretty designs. Here is a sneak peek at a site mocked with Responsive Layout Maker, and made beautiful with RSD. See it in action here »


Excited? Start learning the ropes of responsive design with a trial of Responsive Layout Maker Pro and this handy tutorial »


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