Responsive Site Designer or Egg Hunt??

Actually it was a pretty easy choice to make. Our Easter egg hunt is always a blast, but no doubt it would delay the release of Responsive Site Designer. While Google is about to shake up the web with its new algorithm, we felt the fun and games* would be better for another day.

Starting April 21st, Google will begin favoring responsive sites over ones that require 'pinch & zoom' to use on mobile.

We know what you’re thinking “Yikes that’s in a few short weeks! What to do?” We’ve been preaching for a while: it’s time to make your sites mobile-friendly by going responsive.

The first step is to create and structure your content.

Use existing content or create and improve your story as you go. Organize the content with site elements such as headings, paragraphs, buttons, and images. Lay everything out on the canvas in a logical order and structure them in groups using spacing, colors and proximity.

This bit of preparing helps you design a site with an authentic feel and message. Layout Maker was developed to help with this crucial step, and at the same time, to create the foundation — the device-agnostic layout — of the responsive site. Use it to arrange, rearrange, and explore new ways of presenting and prioritizing your content. Then adjust its appearance for every single screen size.

Get Layout Maker Basic
this weekend for $49

Do custom classes & IDs, sub-grids, and advanced positioning controls make you smile?
Then Go Pro and save $50.

But what about the new Site Designer, is it even real?

You bet it is real and it is awesome! You can kick-start the design phase by opening the responsive foundation created in Layout Maker. Then finish off your project with cool styles like gradients, backgrounds, border styles, rounded corners, shadows, type styling and more.

Even add plug-ins for slideshows, forms, and other widgets. Every RLM owner will get a special invite mid-April to get Responsive Site Designer first and at a sweet price.


We think its icon really speaks to the app’s abilities. A pencil skyrocketing to the stars, unbound by design restrictions allowing your creativity to truly soar.

Need a hand?

Time flies so let us help you put your site on track for success before Google flips the switch. Just drop us a note in your account and we’ll hook you up with someone in our army of experts.

* After we release RSD we’ll make it up to you with something even more exciting than hunting eggs.