Special effects are the heart and soul of any flash movie. Firestarter comes with many different effects, for both text and images. To apply one of these effects first select the image you want to apply the effect to, then click on the button.

This will bring up the effect wizard:

Motion Effects

These types of effects will move the object from one side of the movie to its current position, or from its current position off of the movie. You can also apply special effects while this motion is happening, such as fade in, or growing.

Action Effects

With these effects you can have the image or text undergo a transformation such as exploding, or a tile assemble.

Advanced Effects

With this set of effects, you can better customize what happens to the image or piece of text. You can make the object move from one location to another (specifying x and y values) and have the image or text grow or shrink to a certain size.

Manipulating Effects

Once you have inserted an effect, you may want to slow the effect down, or speed it up. To do this, you should resize the effect as it is displayed in the bottom of the screen. You may also reposition the effect in the movie in this window. You may also right click on the effect in this bottom window to cut, copy, or delete the effect. By using the right click, you will also notice grow options- this will stretch the effect until it reaches another effect either to the right or to the left. The snap option will allow you to reposition the effect either to the right or the left without making the effect grow.