To prepare an MP3 list to burn to a disk, first click the Burn CD button at the bottom of the work-space. This opens a frame at the top of the program that allows you to browse your computer for the files you wish to burn. You can then either drag and drop files from your computer to the list of MP3s to be burned, or you can select the desired song(s) and click the Add button.

If you wish to delete a song from the list of MP3s to be burned, you can select the song and click the Remove button. You may also preview any songs by selecting the desired song and clicking the Preview button.

After you have finished preparing the MP3 list, you can burn the audio CD by clicking the green Burn CD button on the right-hand side of the window. This opens the Burning Center window, which tracks the progress of the burn. To begin burning your CD, click the Burn Now button.