To create a new user profile, simply click the New User button under the Users tab. This area also allows you to delete users and import user profiles from a .txt file. You can also set the URL and target of the default protected page.

To add a new user, click New User. To delete a user, select the user you wish to delete and press Delete User. To import users from a TXT file, click Import.

When you create a new user, you will be automatically taken to the User Properties window. Here, you can enter the desired username and password. You also have the option of either having the user transported to the default link (defined in the Link field under the Users tab) or having a separate link for each individual user. If you choose to have them taken to a default link, check Use Default Link. Otherwise, enter in the Link field the link you want the user to be taken to after they have entered a valid username and password. If you are using frames, you can also target a frame by selecting one of the options from the Frame drop-down menu or by entering the name of an existing frame in this space.