To insert an image into a Firestarter animation, click the Add New Image button. This opens a window allowing you to browse your computer for the image you want to insert. After inserting the image, you will notice that Image 1 appears in the Cutting Room. If you want to select your image, click Image 1 in the Cutting Room.

Transparency and Opacity

Once you have inserted the image, you may wish to make the image transparent so its background does not interfere with the background of the movie. To do this, click the Transparency tool. This opens a window containing the image. Use your mouse to select the color on the image you want to be invisible. Note that transparency will not appear on your workspace, but will appear when you play the movie either in the built-in preview or in a Web browser.

Opacity is similar to transparency, as it allows objects behind the image to show through. However, instead of selecting a color you wish to be completely transparent, the entire image becomes transparent to whatever degree you select using the Opacity slider.

Image Manipulation

Firestarter has two built-in tools that allow you to add basic effects to your images: the Image Colors tool and the Manipulation tool. You may wish to have a backup of the image before you use these tools, however, because any changes you make will be permanent.