It is very easy to maintain your login information and stay organized by adding, editing and maintaining your categories in Lockbox!

There are two different ways to Add, edit and delete a category:

  1. Clicking the Category menu.
  2. Right clicking a category name.
  3. Using the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+G.

Let's try adding a category. Click the Category menu and select Add category. We need to add a category for our client website logins. In the Category Name: input enter Clients Websites. To stay organized we need to choose a Category Parent, from the dropdown choose Websites. This will then make Client Websites a subcategory of Websites.

Adding a category

Now that we have that category created let's edit it! Right Click the Client Websites category from the tree and choose Edit category. Since the group parent name is Websites lets remove the word Websites from the Clients Websites name.

Editing a category

See how easy that is? Now that you know how to add and edit category, you should setup the parent category names that work for you! All it takes to stay organized is about a few minutes of your time and trust us it really helps.