This article explains how to insert a Flash animation created with Firestarter into a webpage created with Visual Site Designer. You can also follow these steps to add any SWF file to a Visual Site Designer page.

Note: These instructions differ slightly from the process of adding other Flash objects created with CoffeeCup software (Web Form Builder, Password Wizard, Web Video Player, etc.) because Flash Firestarter produces an SWF file instead of an XMLl file. To learn how to add other Flash objects to your Visual Site Designer page, read How to Add Flash Objects to Visual Site Designer.

  1. If you haven't already done so, open Firestarter and save your animation twice — once as an SWF file and once as a .fire project. When you save, a window will appear listing the files you need to upload to your server and the HTML you need to paste on the page where you want the animation to appear.
  2. Copy the HTML code to your clipboard.
  3. Open the Visual Site Designer page where you want the animation to appear.
  4. Click the Add HTML icon in the left toolbar.
  5. Click anywhere on the page. This opens the Insert HTML window.
  6. Enter a name for the animation in the HTML Object Name field.
  7. Paste the HTML for your animation in the Body HTML field, and then click OK.
  8. Go to Edit > Add Files and browse your computer for the SWF file for your animation. Click Add to add it to your Website.
  9. Click OK.

That's it! You can now preview your intro using the Preview button in the top toolbar.