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Hello Community!
I m happy to join this forum , I heared good news about it especially I made a reaserch about best forums in web developement.
That s my first thread on here and I hope I would get some answers as I estamate :D
I m a marine engineer in marchent navy and that is my current job , But I fell in love with the web developement feild and decided to start with it ; i learn basics of data structure by my self and started html and css courses few days ago.
i really enjoy this feild , i even love to play with html and even does not feel the time pass even i spend more than 4 hours with it , i enjoy playing with html and css.
since i love that I decided to be a full stack developer.
the question i want to ask you is to make everything clear to me please , and please i want to hear from web devlopers and people in this feild.

as someone who are looking to be as fullstack devloper i made a plan
1) to learn html and css and java script to get the basics and foundation
2)to learn about tools that help me to get better and help me in web design as photoshop
3)to learn html 5 and css3 and emascript to master the newest version of each language
4)to learn about web design frameworks
5)to learn about python , and Java
6) learn about frame works of back-end languages

First question
give me your opinion about my plan from your experiance , i beleive i m in the right direction but i love also be aware from people experience

second question
I hear from some vedios and audios that web design or web developement is going to die as a career , is this true ?
i hear the word that web developement is merging , please explain that!
how i can save my time and go directly about what the job of web developer need :)
i mean i heared about wix and web deisgners would lose their job , is wix a framework and should i learn wix
please make everything clear
Love and peace from me to you all the forum users

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