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To preface this, I go way back with VERY basic HTML. I was designing pages for myself many years ago. But I never learned CSS. Then about 4 years ago, Adam West here, got me a deal on RSD 1.0 and brought my very small business website into that. It took me a long time to figure out how to change it, but I managed, and updated to 1.5. But over time, the site was getting messed up, and I didn't know how to use the sliders properly, until several days ago, so we were losing work from people with mobile phones, and getting downgraded in SEO by Google, for not having a site that shows well on mobile devices. I think something like 80% of people are now using only mobile phones for their internet? Or is it 50%?

Anyway, a few days ago, I got upgraded to 2.5 and was struggling with that, with a template that someone sent me. Not getting far.

So last night I finally got V3 and installed it here. but 2.5 and V3 are apparently jealous and they uninstalled 1.5 from my PC.

And with all my struggling, I botched something up and lost my .rsd file from 2.5, in which I'd created my current site at https://denverprocessservers.net/

So what I have now, is V3 with nothing started yet, a template that I'm HOPING is one of the free ones, and no .rsd file from my current site - ONLY the exported files that were uploaded to the existing site online. And I understand that once you lose a .rsd file, you cant just import all the exported files, to create a new .rsd file from them. <SIGH>

So anyway, I cant afford much for this. I'm a sole proprietor ( me and my handicapped sister ) and our business has been hurt, this past year, by all the mess with Google and my botched attempts that failed to create a decent responsive mobile friendly site, until this week. ( people say it's not too bad on mobile now, but still looks amateurish, which of course it is, because I did it. )

I'm asking for someone in the U.S. - not out of any kind of prejudice, but because of language barriers that exist at times, which can make communication difficult. And communication is such an imprecise art, that it's difficult enough, even with people here in the U.S.

So if you might be interested in this, and have examples of work you've done, and be someone who has provided support and services at this site and has a good reputation, please email me via the site email and propose how we might do this?

I want to have essentially the same site structure as exists on the current site, but move it into a professional looking and TOTALLY responsive site that works perfectly on mobile devices, as well as desktop.

I just deleted the messed up attempts in a test folder, with that template, because I don't even know if it was a free template and don't need problems. I also saw a reference in a very recent thread on this site, to a link that was supposed to have some 36 free templates, but the link was bad, and I've never been able to find any free templates on this site. So what's up with that?

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Melissa, I sent you a email...

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