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Again, this is a question well beyond CC software development, so no worries if no responses ;) I've imported a Facebook button onto my webpage that brings in the number of Likes from the related Facebook page. (It is not the number of Likes of the webpage itself...I'm paying for Facebook advertising to bring in more users, so it's the number of Likes for the Facebook page). I'm using SSL. After I put the FB likes counter button in, SSL turns yellow, and says there is insecure content on the page.

Chrome developer tools says: FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init().
2 The page at displayed insecure content from sacore:inst-top.gif.

I take it the webpage needs to login to the Facebook page before getting this information securely ? I've looked at a number of solutions at … vascript/, and my head is spinning now. Any eas(ier) suggestions on how I can keep this Likes counter on my webpage
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How about an iframe to a page on the secure site.
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

Here's my S-Drive site with
examples of what can be accomplished in VSD.
Here's my CoffeeCup SCCP Shop with examples of what can be done.
This is a site I built for my work.(RSD)
This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
This is my personal site used for testing and as an easy way to share photos.(RLM imported to RSD)
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Thanks Rolly. Yeah, I tried the iframe approach, that didn't do it. I tried most of the more simple code fixes recommended by users of Stack Overflow and elswhere. None seemed to work. Then I read one of the comments about other developers having the same problem, and it seemed to make sense to me.. it said "the problem is that you are relying on an external source for content within your SSL protected website, that's a security breach right there".

Seems to make sense to me. I know that Facebook supports https, but what I was trying to do was to use a FB button in reverse. (Trying to report how many likes are on the FB page and report it on my SSL website).

I wonder if I can force SSL protect all but one page of my website....

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