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Ok now that I'm all egged out and back to my own stuff lol, no I didn't find one, just giving up, not good at it I guess lol.

Anyways, I've got this fixed I "think", I had to fool the cPanel's redirect system as it puts characters at the end of the link that you don't want so I removed them and wallah! all them nasty links are now redirected to mostly just the main blog page. If I was able to decipher the exact page they were being referred to I put them links in the same, but if not they went to the default blog page. Hopefully that will be fine. If not that's just tough cuz I just spent about 2 hours doing all this LOL. This was 'AFTER' I had done it all last week and apparently messed it up somewhere and crashed my site LOL, well not really crashed it, just crashed the links as they couldn't find the site lol. I removed em all and said "forget it" after that but then just relialized what I was doing wrong today so went back and redid them (checking each one as I did it before moving on this time lol).

Anyways, I want to say thank you to everyone that tried helping with this issue. All the links are redirected and I'll run a new sitemap and resubmit it shortly and see what happens. I'm sure if I missed any it will show me them so it's all good :)

Just for the sake of anyone else that might have this issue, which I doubt as it sure was weird to me lol, here's what I had to do:

In google it shows the Crawl Errors of any links it found problems with. On that main page there were a ton of links that had all the strange characters in them that basically just stood for a horizontal character such as this | so I opened those links to get the real page URL and used directories of that URL not the one on the Google Crawl Error page itself. In other words if it was like this:


then I clicked the link in the google page to get the real URL which was like this:


I then put the redirect into the cPanel to the page I wanted it to go to. Then I loaded up the .htaccess page from the server and edited the links to remove the characters it added to the end of each link such as this:

http\:\/\/accessoriesoftheworld\.com\/blog\/$1" [R=301,L]

was changed to this: (removing the highlighted characters above)

http\:\/\/accessoriesoftheworld\.com\/blog" [R=301,L]

I did that for each of the links I had redirected which was about 80+ of them lol, man did I make a mess somewhere or what with this blog!
Hopefully this will help someone else in the future and if not at least it's a testimony of the great support people in this forums get :)
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Yes, I am glad you were able to figure it out. I think that google found so many errors based on other errors, etc I do not think you had 400 errors or anything as google said you did. I think cleaning up the links was a great step towards a cleaner and SEO friendly site. Don't be surprised if google still finds errors, maybe a lot of them. They do cache for at least a month. I would say after a month if you still are seeing lots of errors, then get frustrated. Although, its quite possible that the cache is overridden when you resubmit your sitemap - that I am not sure on.

Do let us know how it all turns up though. Great learning experience for everyone involved. If you need anything else let me know.
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I submitted a new sitemap early this morning before I went to bed, looks exactly like the old one, which I guess I'm going to have to talk to someone in the CC Team to understand why the links aren't all connected like they should be. I don't know if that means anything with this issue, but either way it's submitted and hopefully crawled again soon to see what's up.
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I was searching for something else, and ran across this thread, and it sounded interesting, so I thought I would jump in, and give my 2 cents.

1st of all, I take it you bought a resellers account from you Hosting Company, or do you run your own server?
Do you have your site there?

Sounds like you have C-Panel, so I'm guessing you are with a Hosting Company. So everything you need is right there. With a resellers account, you should have a setting in there somewhere for Creating a new Virtual Server 1st Idea.
You also have the ability to setup Redirects, all in the control panel 2nd Idea

If you customers don't want to register a Domain Name, then you have to set up sub domains, but there is only 2 ways I can think of to do that.
1. In other words create a folder under your main folder for this new domain. All new domains you set up, will all be under your main folder (www,html,public_html) what ever. To access the sub domains, you would just inter in the Browser address window "" that will send them to that domain. You can still have as many folders as you need for your main site, and they all go in the main folder.

2. Use .htaccess file to create your redirects, there is a lot of info out there on how to create, and edit your .htaccess file, so I won't go in to that here. Just Google it!

Now I don't use c-panel, I host my own server, I built from scratch, and run Linux. I pay yearly for a Control panel software, that works very well. Called Virtualmin. It takes care of all my Domains that I bought.

If I want to add a new website, with a Domain I bought, I create a new Virtual Server with that Domain name. I can control every aspect of that domain in the set up. FTP access, www access, mail accounts, and ssh, what ever. I can even assign Spam filtering, and Virus Scanning. Plus a lot more.. This is the best way to do it, and I would guess that C-panel has a similar function.

Now something else to consider. Where your site is hosted, did they give you limit on transfers as far as Bandwidth the amount of traffic you are allowed? (measured in megabytes) I bring this up, because you mentioned something about having a Game site, is this hosting a game, or just like a Forum for the game?

If you get too much traffic on you site, they will ether try to charge you more, or cut you off for the rest of that month. If you have a lot of traffic on these sites, you will use that bandwidth up pretty quick.

Also I think Hosting company's can get a little touchy as far as having a lot of sub domains on a single users account. That's why they make Hosting Accounts.

Just something to consider.


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Hiya Michael,

Almost 2 years late, but appreciate the effort. I have since moved on and have all this under my belt at this point. Much appreciated that you took the time to explain many things, I'm sure they will help others that find this post. Have a great night :)
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Log in to your Domains Dashboard.
On the dashboard, select the domain where you're creating a subdomain. ...
Choose the domain you wish to modify. ...
Click on Pointers & Subdomains in the left-hand menu.
Click the blue Add Subdomain button.
The new subdomain will be shown where it was added.
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Thanks Shikha, you are answering a post from 10 years ago. Hope they have figured things out by now :D:D:D
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