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As you can tell by now, I really want to help make Web Editor OSX a first class success!

More requests and suggestions:

1. From the left "Project window" ( where you see files and folders ), it would be helpful to be able to drag an image into the Html code and have it placed with the <img src="… on it. This is a quicker and more efficient way of incorporating assists into the code.

2. The mouse Right-Click button is not being used.
Right-Click button can be used to access common features a lot faster. Right now when I am in the code and I Right-click, nothing happens.
You can make it a SMART Right-Click ( context sensitive ).
If am in the HTML code, it will give me access to html helpful tools or inserts. If I am in the CSS code, it will give me access to CSS helpful tools or inserts. etc. Dreamweaver CS5 does this very well!

3. Here is another cool feature that would be nice to have:
To be able to drag and drop file(s) from the OSX Finder into the project window folders. Cool Cool Cool!

4. In Sublime Text 2 and TextMate, I can drag a website folder from the mac osx FINDER into the Sublime Text 2 or TextMate icon on the dock, and it opens that folder as a project to immediately start work with it. This is super helpful! I would love to see this implemented into Web Editor OSX.

5. Possible BUG???
If I close the main project window by clicking the RED macosx window circle on the top left corner of the window ( see image attached ), and then I open a recent project or create a quick project by going to File->New Project->Quick Project, the project window doesn't come up.
It would be nice it this would bring the app interface window back up.
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Good morning Bill!

The drag and drop feature in the projects tree is something that already is in our plans ;) About the preferences not being saved, this is fixed in the next version.

About your new requests/suggestions:

1) This is done and included in the new version :)
2) We already have a ticket for enabling the right click, I will add that it could have different suggestions depending on where you are placed.
3) Have it already too!
4) This is a new one, added now!
5) I am going to create a new enhancement so the application behaves as you explain.

Thanks a million!
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Awesome!!! Thanks Lucia!!!

By the way, let me know when there is a new update to download and try. :)

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Hi Lucia,

Here are a couple of request that can take Web Editor OSX to the top!

1. Add a Visual CSS editor and Styler like Coda & Espresso have. This will really make it a competitive product.
If you really want to make Web Editor OSX blow these other apps out of the water, see these videos for ideas on how to implement a very powerful and useful CSS editor into Web Editor OSX.

2. It would be good to have a color picker pop up as part of code hinting in CSS that supports rbga.

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Originally posted in General Questions forum. Re-posting here as a formal request.
Subject: KEY REMAPPING - necessity for OSX Lion users

Hi. I just downloaded the Web Editor on my iMac (Lion OSX) and am running thru the sample project. I've run into one hiccup. The "list open files" key shortcut (CTRL ->|) collides with Lion's Mission control default keyboard shortcut to "Move right a space". I have not found a way to change the keyboard mapping for either one. I really want to use Mission Control spaces so I'd prefer to be able to remap the CoffeeCup WebEditor "list open files" mapping. Is there a way to do this or what suggestions do you have?

Thank you,
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Hi Lucia,

A few more requests please:

3. The ability to DETACH a window from the 3 way split view. This is handy for people with dual monitor setups like myself. For instance, ( at times ) I need the ability to be able to have the preview window by itself on my second monitor and the XHTML and CSS screens on the other. Espresso & Coda do this very well.

4. I can't remember if I mentioned this, but the ability to FORMAT or RE-FORMAT code within the editor is very important. Sometimes we work on code that other people wrote, and the need to format it nicely is crucial. Removed name of competitors software. do this very well. Removed name of competitors software. does a better job in my opinion.

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Hi Lucia,

Here is one request that I am seeing very handy and would also make your product better and a good competitor with coda

1. Spell check option.
2. I also second Webdude for a CSS editor like Coda's. It would be a great Idea to also give the option of Text or Visual editor.

I'm glad to see this Web editor really improving. I'm super excited to start using the drag and drop img feat in the next release.

Jason Arroyo
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Nice post Jason!

Hopefully we will hear from someone soon. We haven't heard from anyone at Coffeecup lately.
I know they are very busy, but an update on when to expect an updated version would be nice.

I am looking forward to beta testing some more once we get an updated version of Web Editor OSX.

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Thanks for the reply SirAGE. Good to know that you guys are listening.
That photo his hilarious! You mage my day.

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