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Dear CoffeCup team!

I just looked into the software and found some things which might be interesting to see in the web editor ptoduct:

- syntax check
- insert HTML entities like " "
- format options (upper, lower, …)
- right click context menu in the edit window missing (eg. copy, paste, check syntax, insert, …)
- connect to a server (upload project)

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i tried the web editor the first time yesterday.
the split view is very cool. please build it for the HTML Editor and put
the insert elements like table, picture... into the web editor.

Greets Adrian
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Is there a function to upload files directly from the editor to a site (functionality of direct FTP or similar)? I couldn't find it. If it's there, can someone please point me to it?

If it's not there, I'd be grateful if it is added.

Thanks :)
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J and Scott,

Thanks for the new OS version. You asked for comments so I'll share a few first impressions with the editor.

- Install was clean for all three applications. No issues loading on our iMac or Macbook Pro platforms running 10.6.8.

- Referenced a webpage we developed with the Win version of Coffee Cup. Pages and references appear to be loading without issue.

- Granted I've only worked with the system a short time, but there are some gaps or initial disappointments after having used the Windows version for a number of years. I know it's a completely different tool and in Beta, but I was hoping for more similarities.

Relative to the Windows editor;
1. I know you have the FTP tool, but for updating our web pages, we used the built-in upload utility almost exclusively. It was extremely convenient to hit the button and push the files up without going into another application.

2. Like Adrian, I miss the graphics insert tool, or any insert tool (graphics, table, link, etc.) for that matter. It would be great to have a helper like the 'Insert link', Insert target', etc features that are included in the "Tags, Snippets, & Helpers". We also used the thumbnail feature quite a bit.

I'll be running some edits and creating a few pages in the Windows version tomorrow, so I'll try more 1:1 comparisons.

I also found it strange that when you open the "Open Files" window, the only way to close it is to go back to View > Open Files or remember the shortcut. It would be convenient to have the Red/Yellow/Green icons like in the editor window and Tags windows.

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Would like to be able to upload to a network share or LAN or an FTP site using the new Web Editor for OSX. I currently cannot use CoffeeCup HTML (Windows) at work because of the inability to upload to a LAN drive. We don't use FTP to upload, but we copy directly to the web server. So if this is still in development for the Web Editor for OSX, please add that capability. I would love to start working with my Mac at the office!

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We would like to be able to send (submit) data direct from form to stream.


Janne Vilo
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We see great opportunity to make a "project manager" combineing some features you have made already in different programs.

In a project, every task can only be one of these status "unfinished" , " done" or "repeating" (like regular services). There is not really other options available.

In the Stream you could have these tree levels. Once you submit data from Form to Stream you have all organised and everyone in the team knows what is going on with the project.

The team will get order as unfinished task. It will show up as long it has changed status to "done", but it is still available in as diary if needed.

Here are some basic ideas of simlpe way conducting a project. If you are interested this kind of ideas I will tell you all my secrets.


Janne Vilo
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I'm using Komodo Edit right now for Mac. Been waiting for CC a long time!

Needs a right click cut and paste capability. Needs a "replace all" choice in paste menu.
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I would prefer if I could enarge the font easily in the editor window, so the font is also readible on my macbook without an external display.

An auto-indent command to reformat the complete document wit correct indentation.

Regards Linda

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