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Hi - I built my first 3 page web site this afternoon - just being made redundant I thought I'd start a new career! Though I picked up the basic pretty quickly - tagging, codes etc the first real difficulty was working out frames. For the life of me I could not get a box on the left of the screen to seperate my links eg - Home, FAQ, Contacts etc. is there any easy way to develop this into a template if yes could some copy and paste me in an email for a basic site?
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To start with, Welcome to the forum.

What program are you using to build your site? (HTML editor or the Visual Site Designer?)

It's a good idea to stay away from frames unless there is no other option. Frames are difficult for search engines and can even lower your ranking. People can set up their browsers not to even display frames and they would only get one part of you website. Be carefull when using frames.

That being said, if you are using the HTML editor, look in the code snippets section. Under the 'snipets' link you will find a snipet for a basic frames page. A quick Google on frames will find loads of info on the do's and dont's of using frames and how to set them up.
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Cannot find a Help section that I can post in. Guess that's because I'm a newbie.

My purpose is to add to and delete from graphics & pictures on my webpage.

What I want to know is: Do you have a program/programs that could help me on a website already set up in HTML. A program where I don't need to type in all the individual coding as I am doing now.
I think I will be using HTML Editor and Style Sheet Maker.

Thank you for your help.


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In which case, you will probably do well to download the Visual Site Designer and have a go with that.
There is a trial period for all the software so you have a chance to experiment before purchasing. The HTML Editor will need you to do hand coding.
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VSD would be a great start with CC software, but you do need to know that you won't be able to edit the current site in it and it would need to be redone using VSD. The HTML Editor is also a great choice, and although it's hand coding of the HTML, it's a very good editor for website design and would allow you to edit the site as it currently is.

The choice is between visual editing and code editing, and of course the main thing to take into account would be if you mind starting the site over in VSD or not. If not then that's the way I would suggest also if you're not wanting to do the coding yourself. If starting over isn't an option then the HTML Editor will do you nicely.
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Ya know, you sound just like me.
I would suggest that you TRY Visual Site Designer, but you will have so much more power if you hunker down and buy a package from Coffee Cup. Why? I'll tell you why...

You are going to spend a LOT of time learning how to develop your web site with VSD. You can spend an equal amount of time learning html, and xhtml, and have the world at your fingertips!

I started with a great book: Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML. Copy and paste that to Amazon, if you like. It took me about two weeks to work through the book, then I bought some C.C. software, and VaVoom! The support here is UNPARALLELED! I am building a huge website, and I could not be happier. (I use the term "huge" in reference to the fact that I am just a massage therapist with some sales skills, and I am creating some phenomenal things for a person with my education level, and there is a LOT of info here to organize!)

Currently, I am using: HMTL editor, Image mapper, Flash Menu Builder, Pix Converter, Flash Firestarter, Web Form Builder, a couple of Graphics Packs, and SiteMapper. Oh, and Coffee cup forums. Everyone here is so incredible. I post a question that I think is horrendously embarrassing to ask, and I get real answers within an hour from very talented people (from all over the world).

The price for what you get is phenomenal. Granted: all things technical are infinite...but this is a fabulous place to start.

You can look at my incomplete website, if you like, so that you can see what CoffeeCup has helped me do.

Best Wishes to you:D
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Wow, FroggyEsther, your website's amazing! Personally I think a massage octopus might be better but surely both would feel a bit soggy?

I'm having a bad day today ... feel like I need a cuddle from someone who has a clue!

Hope you guys are doing better

all the best,
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Hi Neo!
Sorry you're having a bad day - is it website issues getting you down? What's going on?
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Ya Neo we are here to help clear out those muddy waters of websites, :)
Volunteering to help :)
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Is this your web site?
At least - I see that the contact link on that trial page leads to this site.
Where is the headache? Maybe we have some useful ideas.
There seems to be some pretty strong stuff on the site if the meta description is anything to go by. Does that have a relevance to the site or have you just used it to draw attention to the content?

Your pages do not appear to have any DOC TYPE declaration in them. What are you using to build the site?

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