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Fe Pixie wrote:
oh tassie - a slate is not a puter ok? :lol:

Slates...you had slates! I should be so lucky! Back in my day they hadn't invented slate!

Not quite slates...although some days...probably most days actually...I feel like a dinosaur!

I do remember remember quills and slide rules and school plumbing that belonged to a time before plumbing was invented....ah those were the days....:cool:
I know you believe you understand what you think I said...but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not exactly what I meant.

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george barone wrote:
Dave Butler wrote:
george barone wrote:
I feel left out on the S-Drive discussion so i am starting my own A Drive thread.

Anyone even have an A-Drive anymore?

Those disks made great lifters to balance a table or chair. Can't do that with a CD or DVD, takes too many of them. Even more difficult is doing it with a Flash Drive. I say bring back the A-Drives!!

yep Still have a desktop with an A drive and a B drive for those 5" floppies. I hardly use it now though.
But anyone remember working on tabulator machines 16K memory, no disk no tape just 80 column punch cards and the old IBM card sorter.

Hey Dave you mean like the IBM-360 or 1432 computers? I was a fast keypuncher!! Love to shuffle the deck on others

Hi George
Even before the IBM 360 (can't rmember the model number now~). We then upgraded to an IBM 360/20 (still no disk/tape) Then a 360/25 with disk but only to sort files, disk was so expensive master files were still held on punch cards. It was a major break through as it removed the need to use card sorters and increased procesing a job dramaticaly.
Dave Butler

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Talking about being 'dated', how about this for an actual date:
1969: coding assembler language on a UNIVAC 1108 mainframe...
64 little boxes on each row of the coding sheet, each filled with a '0' or a '1'...
the first part for the data, and the remainder for the 'instruction'...
then on to the key punch...
then the card reader...
(An appropriate quote from 'The Heart of Darkness' comes to mind...)
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Can I just say "Oregon Trail".
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Per wrote:

64 little boxes on each row of the coding sheet, each filled with a '0' or a '1'...

Sounds just like RPG - only you got to chuck in a letter in the odd position for good measure :rolleyes:
We used to have a hand drawn template you could hold up to the screen to make sure your character was in the correct position...

Hooray for php :D
Have fun
~ Fe Pixie ~
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I came into the computer world at the stage of Windows 3.0, but that doesn't mean I was a young kid at that time. I remember commodore 64 and even older machines, but I didn't use any of them.
My son had a friend with a computer which had to use the TV as the monitor, and when the two boys had spent half an hour to load the software, the father came along and wanted to watch the news...
Ha en riktig god dag!
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Wow Zipper, we've almost paralleled each other :-0 except, I started with a PET 8016.

Today, there is rarely a time when my external USB A: drive is far away, I keep a boot able 3.5 floppy with Spinrite on it close all the time.

Even rescued the occasional damsel in computer distress at my coffee shop hangout.

The call me their "resident geek" :-)
Volunteering to help :)
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This is such a cool thread. My first A drive was on my Atari 800xl(circa..1983?), lol. I do keep floppies in the house because it seems when you think they are not needed anymore, someone has a pc that has a floppy, and thinking, if I just had a floppy.:)
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i saw a news article today about some scientist people making a data key stash - so that folks in the future might be able to decode our much too simple files off our floppies :D

http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digit … ng-formats
Have fun
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