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Secret Weapon for WordPress

I develop and maintain WordPress websites. While CoffeeCup's Direct FTP is a great tool for uploading plugins, its real greatness when working with WordPress is the online editor. I use the Direct FTP editor for editing a theme's style.css to help make everything fit and look good. I use it on every WordPress website I develop. I also use the online editor for minor tweaks to my theme's PHP files. The Undo and Redo make it feasible to test a change and then Undo the change if it doesn't have the desired effect, or breaks the website. (Be sure to keep the file open in Direct FTP's editor.)

I would like to see the online editor enhanced for PHP. Right now, when I need to do heavy PHP editing, I use *edited to remove rival software name and website*.

The CoffeeCup HTML editor is still my goto editor for traditional CSS/HTML websites.

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