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RSD 1.5 is back (V3) with all the ice cream you can eat ! :cool: Desktop down or mobile up....Sweet !
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How about importing RSD1.5 projects? Has anyone tried that yet?
Ha en riktig god dag!
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I opened my RSD 1.5 Visions Turtorial I completed in July of 2016 and it imported using the import methods they have defined for V3.

There are no more rows or columns (None) in the vanilla scheme. You design only with containers to use flex (rows and columns) or css grid (rows and columns and beyond the unthinkable). Totally slim and future proof.

This really should be attractive to designers who don't need the Bootstrap or Foundation Love.
Great addition.
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Wow, that's great! I was just wondering a few days ago if there's a reason we don't have the option to not use any of the frameworks and just use our standard CSS and custom options.... Happy to see these options! (built with Bootstrap Builder)
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