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I too have experimented, and it seems to me that the situation can be stated as follows.

Where on page-x.html a symbol is a container that is nested within another container, any change to that symbol on another page (page-y.html) seems to have the effect of moving the symbol on page-x.html outside of its immediate parent container.

If on page-x.html the symbol was nested in a series of containers (parent, grandparent etc.), the following happens. Each change of the symbol in page-y.html moves the symbol on page-x.html one further stage out of the nest until it becomes an immediate child of the <body>.

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Frank beat me to it. I had found the same thing, as shown in the screenshots. I added a picture link to the index page, and what Frank said happened when I opened the contact page.
I will not pretend to have much idea about SD3, my problems with it are of a much more basic kind, but I can't understand this being anything else than a bug.
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They found the error and it seems to be solved in a new build.
There will be an official update soon, I belive. :)
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Update out now, build 2671.
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