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First off Its Viv from jewelcraft, I am setting up new website for an acquaintance, who i recommended to CC

This page … sting.html has link to stream its says please click here to view demo

Scott says when he goes to linked stream page the address in the address bar is as above/stream

BUT i am seeing something entirely different (CC related)

It may be a browser issue so if a few of you could please check it would be appreciated

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I see this (without the spaces after the // as I added them to stop the linking lol):


Most recent version of Google Chrome
Most recent version of IE 9

thanks to PC Tools I can't test in FF till they fix whatever broke it lol

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I see the coffee cup . com / stream also.
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Thank you both, thats what i see also, I just hoping doing it this way will head towards a result

I guess our (my) own domain is added to CC as an addon domain, hence browsers see

But the streams are a subdomain off (mines

Why can't the stream be a subdomain of

I want my clients to see only my own domain name, ideally with their own names as a subdomain so their personal wedding pictures address would be
wedding & executive cars UK

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