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Eric all i am getting is black screen with in left corner ::

Load failed: no data found.
– /

Just few pics

I am vieing in firefox
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Eric, that's exactly what I had going on...
From J.'s post above:
Looks like the album dimensions are larger than the images you uploaded. For example, it looks like the photos you uploaded were 512x512. If you make the album embed dimensions smaller than the images, everything should show up fine. Try this URL - I think it looks pretty good :)

After changing the dimensions (400 x 400) it worked. He says it's a known issue, so I expect it will be resolved soon(ish) :D
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All of my images are 600X400 and I made the script be 599X399 and still no luck.:/
I even tried 320X240. but still no images loading.
The href isn't keeping up with my album changes.:lol: My album is named greenhouse and it still on the last change I made when I named it my-photos.
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