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Hi all

I have to need witch solution is are the best for this options : sub menu's or one page with in de service page the main activity and then order all the sub activities?. I want first in RSD and then with CSS Grid Builder?

It comes to webdevelopment: I have the following problem I put in "services" development (software, hardware, electronics, automation, web) than design (software, web, electronics, automation) than pc repair and then editing (audio, video, images, photo's) Installation & Configuration (PC) can I classify?.

How can I best layout in my webpage developed first with the traditional RSD and then the modern layout with CSS Grid Builder?
I think such a thing:

On the main page I put in my services "services" including "development" and very briefly describe what it is and then they can click it and refer it to the page development which I enumerated my sub activities including software, web, eletrônica, Automation) or is there a better possibility to do it via a submenu such as:
> software development
development > hardware
development > electronics
> web development

What is very user friendly with a submenu or sub division of the sub activities under the main activities with a description and photo?

Kind regards
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My personal opinion (you may, or may not, agree) is not having a hierarchy of submenus. I'm not particularly fond of sub menus (again my personal opinion), but of course sometimes you can't avoid them completely.

What about using those 'card' components for menus, one or two for Services (e.g. Software, Hardware, whatever), one for About, one for Contact etc, and inside those cards, still visible on the landing page, you can tell what kind of service you are offering, with a link to further explanations. Just an idea.
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