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As one who used Coffeecup HTML editor back in 2010-2011 to initially design/create my website including many changes/updates made over the years, fast forward to 2018, and my website now requires a major makeover/redesign in order to make it mobile friendly/responsive website as well as adding a blog. In doing so, I decided to purchase and download the latest versions of both Coffeecup HTML Editor and RSD back in December 2017. As I now have some time to update or better yet find an existing responsive website theme that I can easily modify to suit my needs, given that I would rather spend more time focusing on copy than hard coding, can I use Coffeecup RSD more as a graphical user interface in making necessary changes to an existing responsive website theme for accommodating text, images, etc., as opposed to my having to hard code everything as I had done many years ago in using HTML Editor? In essence, can using CoffeeCup RSD help to eliminate a lot of the hard coding in making changes in regard to images, copy, etc. Last but not least, as WordPress appears to have gained a lot of attention over the past few years, I welcome any good sound reasons as to why I am better off using CoffeeCup RSD in making changes to a ready-made responsive website theme. I am hoping that I am on the right track in my leaning toward the later. Any feedback or suggestions regarding this subject matter is appreciated.
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Yes, RSD takes the burden of hard coding off your shoulders. But it is a good thing that you are able to code, because that knowledge helps you in knowing what the various alternatives in the tool panel really mean and what they do. And, depending on how sophisticated your website is, you may still have to hand code the odd bit.

I will not enter into any discussion about WordPress, simply because I'm not too good at it.
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