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I am a windows user with no Apple experience. (Please forgive me ;) )

When I add a link in a website, pointing to another site, (with target=blank), it works perfectly well in all windows browsers (IE Chrome etc). When I test the same thing on an iPad, it re-opens my page, and does not open the linked site.

I have found this with links to Google Maps in particular.

To start with, I have no idea if the problem relates to me, my code, or OS X.

Is there somebody else here with a similar problem? Or can somebody please point me in the right direction ?
Many thanks in advance
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Just one more point I forgot to mention.

It works fine on Android tablets.
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Just tested on my iphone 5. Works like a charm. I used this code:

<a href=webpage.html target="_blank"> Go here </a>
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Got a link to the site page(s) you're testing this with? I can check on my iPad too and let you know what happens. Need a link for that though. :)

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