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Float the Control Panel

It seems the Control Panel is fixed. I am using the 1.5 Beta.

I get an error that one should move the window over and expand the window to the right. Why not just allow the Control Panel to float? When someone wants to work on the right, they have the option of undocking the control panel and floating it to the left and vise versa when the control panel is covering a breakpoint.
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Scroll the entire website within the window.

I believe there should be an option so that one can scroll a the website within the GUI. This allows a wide website to be worked on without a control panel covering up parts of the website, or requiring the user to zoom out. The website can scroll down right now, but not sideways.

For example, I do not have a large monitor, just a 1680x1050 display. But I do scale up the elements displayed in the monitor so I can read them easier because the monitor is about 2.5-3 feet away. Right now, I get a max 998-1000 wide px because of the fixed control panel. 1024 wide was about 50% of monitor sizes, and, for desktops - its only getting bigger. I have to zoom out to 90% for 1024 wide, and for 1366 wide, zoom out to 60%! This is not normal sizes one might do for a regular website, but I hope to eventually make a website for my personal photography and that would require screen real estate (I would not even try to design for mobile, just tablets and above).

This would also help for people using a small monitor to work for larger monitor viewing.
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Add Container to other container without having to subgrid

For a particular thing I would like to do - I need to avoid a Firebox bug that has no workaround given the parameters of inputs in the control panel (can not set a height, only a minimum height - I imagine there is no workaround for the RSD system or CC would had added that). The workaround for this is Flexboxing, but IE11 has a bug with that. MS Edge fixes this, but IE11 is still used by 16% of desktop and tablet users in the US.

So the fix is a nested flexbox container. But do do that - one has to ad a subgrid to a container. This will then require deletion of an extraneous row of two columns, and added drop downs. There is a long dropdown for a what will be a simple container element, container->subgrid column->sungrid row->subgrid->[nesting]container. This is also three extra rows in the Inspector tab of the control panel.

Just let us ad a sub-container from the elements tab, with options to add extra sub containers. Or alter the subgrid element for options for ONLY a sub-container or two.
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Personal Webfont Collection Options
I have a license for a webfont, and the desktop font, because its a part of my franchise's brand image. I use the font on my current webpage for SEO purposes. If someone has such a font, they should have the option to see and use that font in RSD - after its been added to resources and what not. In forum posts, people have warned about licensing issues and licensed pageviews, and whatnot but RSD allows personal images to be used and no one is worried about copyrights.... So, this should be a feature in RSD, just as adding an image is. Mark-Up Code!!!

Add a feature for code authors to add plug-ins to RSD. For example, I would like add Schema data. Its doable if I am just adding simple information about a business. It will be a pain in the ass if I had a lot of things to markup like images, products and many separate services - because it will all have to be hand coded.

Maybe an author can come up with a plug-in for that, to make it easier to add that capability, or any capability. Sell it on CC, and let CC take a cut.

Plugs-ins can really change an application. Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw use them. I use Corel Draw. I have made some drafting illustrations with it, and instead of having to purchase an expensive drafting application, I just got a Plug-In. Corel Draw can be transformed to serve alot of niche requirements using its resources because it allows Visual Basic applications to be added to it.

Less work for CC, authors use CC to make money, clients are happy at all the options.
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Build optimized images for every layouts while creating responsive design layouts. It will help to reduce issues regarding scaling and bandwidths. Use GIF, JPEG and PNG-8 file formats and do not use PNG because it will increase your file size upto more than five times.
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khawar4u143 wrote:
Build optimized images for every layouts while creating responsive design layouts. It will help to reduce issues regarding scaling and bandwidths. Use GIF, JPEG and PNG-8 file formats and do not use PNG because it will increase your file size upto more than five times.

But what if I need transparent backgrounds
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To the above two posters I would read this link, and google info about SVG's (and their limitations). The article is still true today, except there is increased bandwidth and data limits. But - where I am going camping, its a 1-bar 3G connection, during daylight hours. gif png jpg which one to use

Pass HTML elements, css files to HTML Editor, and back.

I believe this will solve a lot of issues and and wishes people have, and its a mechanism many applications provide. For instance, I use Adobe Lightroom. I add a photograph to Lightroom's database, then I open up a plug-in with Lightroom. But - Lightroom is actually sending the image to an application (many times). The application is used to make edits, and send the results back to Lightroom. Corel Draw, and I think Serif applications also do this.

Perhaps, RSD could interface with HTML Editor this way. An element, or even just a HTML Element is selected and send for coding in HTML Editor, which opens the application (and perhaps limits on what the editor can actually edit - like not adding a <body>). I am sure that RSD does not want code to mess everything up, so there would have to be some limitations as to what could be done, the code might require validation to, then the finished code is inserted into the selected element of RSD or the corresponding css files. I am sure that CC could find a way to highlight such code, either by inserting comments or spans, without creating cobebloat. This could push sales for HTML Editor as well.
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I don't think you can count on intergration of third party software, like Blumentals, when CC has their own, for the same purposes. The other suggestions are good.
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Two suggestions:

1. I love the zoom feature for seeing all breakpoints, it's fantastic! But When I use the zoom it always places my page in the center of the window, and, as far as I can tell, there is no way to change that. So if there was a way to move the page around, or to the left side when in zoom, that would be great. Idk if this makes sense, hope it does.

2. I would personally find it very useful to be able to select multiple columns at once to be able to change their spans, instead of clicking on every individual column, when I need to make an adjustment.
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File List in Resources

I am sure this might have been suggested before, but I would like to see a details list, such as displayed in Windows File Explorer for resources. For example, I have about 4 images, they are all named similar, but I have appended their file dimensions to the size. I can not see the end of the name in the "icon" view, or what kind of file type. If loading a bunch of stock images, it might also be useful to sort images by file size, or even by dimensions.

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