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Hi all,

Can someone post here the steps how I can converted an static VSD or HTML Editor website into the RSD website?
I will this with an summary of the steps and practical demo.

Kind regards
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Hiya Stefke,

You would need to start over from scratch to build your site in RSD, it cannot import or edit existing websites at all.

I would suggest reading all the articles you can find and watch all the videos available to learn RSD and after that you can download a trial version of it and check it out. Other than the help in the Articles and Videos that's really all there is for documentation, but it should get you started. People here can then help you better once you understand the basics of the program.

Articles … e+Designer

Videos: There are multiple places for these and I only know the URL for one and it doesn't have any RSD videos on it so I don't know where they are putting them now. Hopefully someone else will chime in with any others available:
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This article/tutorial shows how to start with a fixed-width site design and rebuild it as a responsive site. … sd-to-rsd/
There's also this: … esponsive/

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