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The content of this post is contained in a website I made strictly for that purpose:

Hopefully, the website will be useful to you regarding menus in RSD.

Any questions or comments post a reply to this thread.
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Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on these menus. I'm sure I'll be using a few of them soon.
All the best!
John Ferguson
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Thanks for your comments, John.

I did spend several weeks on these menus and was hopeful that others could benefit from the effort.

The background for all this was that I made a project for myself to see if I could mimic one of the sites I maintain using RSD. The site was originally built with Joomla and converted to pure HTML after it was hacked. It now uses the same template as the Joomla version so viewers do not see any difference in style and the content is the same (mostly copied from the original). This site has a large top menu with many entries in submenus. This type of menu allows a viewer to get to any page in the site from any other page - some 40-50 pages.

Unfortunately, I could not mimic the desktop to mobile menu re-orientation that is done by the run-time software of the template. It is fixed in the way they do the responsiveness, no variation being possible. In RSD the only way to duplicate this seems to be to set up two separate menus. This was really not acceptable. I did build a few partially fleshed-out RSD versions of this site using the Foundation menu types.

You can see which site I maintain from the cover site on my development site:
Try shrinking the window of the maintained sites to a mobile view to see how top menus appear.

BTW, the latest version of the cover site, of which there have been many, uses a Foundation Dropdown menu.

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This is fantastic! Thank you!
I'm having a huge problem with my menu/navigation bar changing order with every little change I do or from one page to the next. Wondering if anyone out there knows what I am doing wrong?
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Your content was awesome! Thank you so much for the help. :D
I was having difficulties trying to figure it out on my own, so this was perfect.
Sarah J

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