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I'm trying to build a full width page with RSD but I can't do that. If I insert a picture into a row (12 spans) and I don't set a max width for the picture. The preview page display a boxed picture which does not take all the screen :(.

Is there a way to make a full width page ?

Thank you ;).
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Select the particular row which holds picture then in style panel under dimension check mark Max-width to none.
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Are you trying to have a picture as the 'background' of your website?

If that's what you're trying to do, select the grid and use a picture for your 'background' instead of a solid color.

Select the grid, go to the design tab, scroll down to background, select the image box, click on where you want to get your image from (I use resources), and add your image.

It's early for me so apologies if I missed a step. :)
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Ok thank you Mansour and Ernie, I'm gonna have a look to the particular row Max-width !

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