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Hello All,

I have been working my way through this 8 part tutorial, and have gotten all the way down to adding footer section. No matter how hard I try stopping and starting the video, I can not get that section of the tutorial to work for me. It looks like he adjusts the row then add spacing to 80, then puff the text is centred in the row. That is the section I am having trouble with. When I do that my footers appear one above the over, and not side by side.

Can someone please give me a step by step on that part of the video, I seem to be missing a step.

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The tutorial apparently is lacking a step or two. The class footer-link must have been given display rules that don't appear in the tutorial. Try display inline-block and margin auto both left and right before you duplicate it.
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I tried to keep it concise but Inger is right, in my effort to not go totally wild with all the possibilities RSD has to offer, I forgot to add a step. I mention that the links are treated similar as the navigation buttons. There's one difference though, the buttons were already displayed as a row (inline-block) while the links were stacked (a column). I updated that section.

For centering them you can do as Inger suggested, use margin auto for both sides OR you can use the centering option on the column (as with the navigation buttons).

If you use the same class on the links (I am using footer-link) you don't have to add other styles before you duplicate them, they will all be automatically updated :)

Thanks Inger for pointing this out!
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I will give it a try,


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