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I am new to all of this and I try to do as much research as possible before I bother anyone with a question. There is MUCH I don't know and don't understand. I will try my best to understand and not waste anyone's time.

It appears that IE11 does not support the position: Sticky.
Some folks on Stackoverflow suggested to use two positions to solve it:
position: fixed; /* added to support older browsers */
position: sticky;

I don't think I can get to and edit the actual lines of CSS in RSD... I can only make one selection in the UI. The RSD software apparently does add a second line:
position: -webkit-sticky;
...apparently to help in some browsers?

Does anyone know a solution to get sticky containers to work in all browsers using RSD?
Or if I could use fixed and relative instead to get the same result?
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Hey there Chris,

How this would work is that IE11 would ignore the (code for) position sticky and take the default value (position: static). I would design with that first, making sure it looks decent. Then enhance the design for modern browsers. The site does not have to look the exact same on all these browsers, with responsive design and the very wide spectrum of display sizes that is impossible anyway. As long as the content is visible and accessible on older browsers you should be ok.

I wrote an article about this 'fallback first' design approach that you might find interesting:

https://cssgrid.cc/examples/feature-que … sgrid.html

Hope this helps!
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Thanks Bob!
I get what you're saying and that advice (design for the default) is good advice.
I read your article which was very informative. I don't think I can do that sort of thing in RSD since I can't actually type code in the program. But I'm guessing purchasing the "Back Feature Queries.." would give me what I need to do it? I'm still green so I have to ask.... will that help me in RSD?

Anyway, I think you've helped me by letting me know I just need to design it how I want it, but then check to see if some of the "lagging behind" browsers default my css to something I can live with. Correct?

I wish there weren't so many different browsers. I like freedom & uniqueness... but there needs to be standards for some things. I'm just thankful we don't have 10 different types of interstates to drive on! Some would have lanes and signage and some wouldn't! Some would be gravel and only support horse & buggy, and some could handle sports cars.
Thanks again, Bob!
Knowing is half the battle

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